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Welcome to our Meat Department

Our staff can season, stuff and marinate special cuts of beef, pork, poultry and more. And we'll package it just the way you like it.

We Call It Quality — But You Can Call It Delicious.

In a hurry or need a new idea for dinner? Call or stop in and we're sure to have something that will whet your appetite and please your palate.

Making purchases for your freezer? Let us know so we can wrap your meats specifically for freezer storage.

Need help deciding how to cook a cut of meat?

Get information on different cuts of beef, pork, and chicken as well as new recipes to try!

Service Meat Counter

Detroit Lakes Deli Menu

Check out our expanded service meat counter

We have recently expanded our service meat counter-it's three times as big to enable us help you fix great meals! We have a full time butcher on staff to cut meat to your specific needs and it is packaged while you wait.

Stop in often to see what new specials we have-kabobs, seasoned burgers, meatloaf ready for the oven, and much more!

We also have fresh seafood so you can see what you're getting and purchase just as much as you need!

AngusPride® premium beef is The Choice Beef Lovers Make™

Welcome to AngusPride country. A place where premium beef shares its breed of rugged determination and nothing-to-prove attitude with those who love its tender, robust charm. Where a passion for exquisite food, a heritage of excellence and some no-nonsense thinking come together to produce the premium beef that is The choice beef lovers make.

AngusPride is beef beyond compare

What's in a name? For AngusPride premium beef, it's a heritage more than 100 years in the making. Since Angus cattle first arrived on the North American Great Plains, they have become renowned for superbly well-marbled beef with rich, succulent flavor. Honoring this legacy with strict standards of quality, every cut of AngusPride premium beef is selected from only the top 20 percent of all Angus beef and carefully hand-trimmed for superior consistency. The result — incredible tenderness and superb flavor that make AngusPride premium beef The choice beef lovers make.

Our robust, juicy beef is no accident. Guaranteed.

We guarantee that AngusPride premium beef will deliver a quality, consistent eating experience every time or consumers don't pay for it.

Only the best Angus beef can become AngusPride

Every cut of AngusPride premium beef is selected from only the top 20 percent of all Angus beef.